Neil Island, Andaman- Travel back in time

Have you ever felt that the time has come to a standstill when you visited someplace? Well, that’s exactly what we felt when we landed on Neil Island, Andamans.

We felt we were back in our childhood days visiting our grandparent’s village.

Neil island is such a cute place with just 7kms land from one end to the other. The best part is it’s not touristy unlike Portblair or Havelock Island.

Deep blue sky, light blue beach with white sand
First glimpse of Neil island

All the beaches on this island are named after Ramayana characters.

We took a Makruzz ferry from Havelock Island to Neil Island. After checking in to our hotel, we hired a two-wheeler. I would say this is the best mode of transport for you to explore the island by yourself at your own pace.

We reached the island by 12 pm and was there till the next day 12pm. So our itinerary below goes in the order of things we did.

You can rent a bike for Rs.500/ day with extra fuel costs.

Tar road with trees on both sides of road
Road in Neil Island

Things to do in Neil island, Andaman

1. Get adventures at Bharatpur beach

This is right next to the jetty and the only beach where you find water sports. You can get adventures by going on a banana ride and enjoy the coral reefs by taking a ride in a glass-bottom ride.

blue sky with sea and sand, boats parked at the shore
The Sand bar at Bharatpur beach

You might have to be mindful of the high tide and low tide when you are in Neil, this plays an important role as to which beach needs to be visited at what time of the day.

Afternoons are good for Bharatpur beach. We were excited to see sand bars for the first time in our lives.

2. Soak in the sunset hues at Lakshmanpur 2

Lakshmanpur 2 beach is the west most point of the island and is known for its sunsets. The water here was lukewarm and was very welcoming to take a dip.

trees on left, sand in middle and sea on right
Lakshmanpur beach 2

We were mesmerized by the shades of oranges we saw at sunset.

hues of orange in the sky at sunset
Laksshmanpur beach 2
beautiful sunset at Lakshmanpur beach 2
Sunset at Lakshmanpur beach 2

3. Take a stroll and enjoy the sunrise at Sitapur beach

This is the eastern end of the island. Sitapur beach has to be visited at sunrise only, after which this place gets totally deserted.

Don’t miss to have a cup of coffee or tea from the cart at the entrance of the beach. If you are a dog lover you will enjoy all the attention you get from a dozen dogs here.

Sunrise at Sitapur beach
Sunrise at Sitapur beach

Beach is so clean and the sand so soft its too tempting to take a walk.

Beach at Sitapur
Sitapur beach
Barren tree at Sitapur beach
Barren tree at Sitapur beach

4. Get mesmerized by the natural bridge at Lakshmanpur beach 1

This has to be visited during the first half of the day during the low tide, PERIOD! You cannot risk it going here to watch sunset even though you might be tempted.

Dead corals form a natural bridge
Natural bridge at Lakshmanpur beach 1

The walk to this consists of a bit of hiking and walking on the dead corals (No shoes please, however it has to be comfortable footwear.)

I would recommend hiring a guide. They will charge you anywhere between Rs.300-Rs.500/- based on your negotiation skills. But it’s worth it.

Brain coral under water
Dead coral under clear water

5. Treat your eyes around Rampur beach

It’s not just the beach even the walk that leads to Rampur beach is so beautiful. Coconut trees form a canopy above and the beach awaits at the end of the tree tunnel.

Coconut tree canopy
Coconut tree canopy

This is one beach where we saw different materials and colors all in one place. First, there was light color sand, then dark dead corals and after that blue water.

Rampur beach
Rampur Beach

All these activities can be covered in 24 hours. If you are someone who enjoys a slow-paced life and loves to relax, this is your go-to place.

Things to remember:

  1. You are on an island, so sunscreen and umbrella is a must.
  2. Cell phone reception is very weak.
  3. Since there will be no GPS, so ask locals for routes, they are always happy to help. You might even make some new friends.
  4. Though Andaman is part of India, its closer to Indonesia. Which means you are technically 2 hours ahead of the Indian time zone.
  5. November to February are the best months to visit.
  6. Hotel Shakahara serves good vegetarian food.

You can also read about my Havelock experience here.

Which one did you like better? Neil or Havelock? Do let me know in the comment box below.

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