Commercial street, Bengaluru-The Ultimate Shopping Destination

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Bengaluru aka Bangalore which was once famously known as “Garden city” got a new tagline in the late 1990s as “Silicon Valley” because of the IT boom that took place back then. Bengaluru is also talked about for its super awesome weather, insane traffic, yummiest Masala doses, and the list goes on. Why am I telling all this? because Bengaluru was always famous for so many things but “shopping”, however, things are not the same anymore. The markets have widened and demand and supply have both found its new home here. So here I’m talking about one of Bengaluru’s shopping destination.

There are many area-specific commodities available across this city. For example, if you are looking for electronic spares it’s gotta be SP Road. If you are looking for items related to your cars like stereo, seat covers etc it has to be in JC Road. Similarly, to meet all the shopping needs of the fairer sex, there is a heaven called “Commercial Street”.

Being a hardcore Bangalorean I have compiled a list of places or items that you can find on the Commercial street.

Commercial street

1. Tailors: 

Out of the numerous things available here, tailors are my first pick. This is for three reasons:

a. They are super quick.  You can get a salwar stitched in about an hour’s time. Yeah, you read it right.

b. They are pocket-friendly.

c. They are good at their work.

You can find n number of tailors on Ibrahim street which is parallel to the main commercial street and you can pick anyone, most of them are equally good.

Commercial street tailors

2. Fabrics:

Whether you’re a fashion designer or a college girl, whether you need fabric for a glamorous lehenga or a budget curtain you get it here across the price range. These stores are located on Ibrahim street, Commercial street, Safina Plaza and even on the cross small lanes.

3. Footwear and Handbags:

Like Rachel Zoe, American fashion designer rightly says “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”, being stylish never goes out of fashion. Hand bangs & footwears plays a vital role in being stylish. It might not always be Jimmy Choo and Louis Vuitton sometimes even a pair of pumps you picked up from a flea market can do the job right.

Commercial street houses plenty of such small shops alongside major brands like Metro, Woodlands, Soles, Baggit,  for you. Where would you prefer to shop is up to your discretion.

Woodlands shoes


4. Gold, Silver jewelry, and other accessories:

“Jewelry has the power to be this one little thing that makes you unique”, I have still not met a woman till date who say’s she has enough jewelry, be it of any metal.

Commercial street has some of the major players like Davanam & Shri krishnayi Chetty jewelry for Gold shopping.

If you are looking for some exclusive silver jewelry, pay a visit to Sri Suryanarayana art jewelry. I personally love the nose pins and jumkha’s from them.

And if you would like to explore some fashionable and Indian accessories, you will find them at every crossroads and even on the main commercial street.

5. Branded stores and ready-made apparel :

Almost all the major apparel brands like Westside, Max, Favourite shop, Soch, Biba, People etc have their stores here. And the collections are generally wider at these stores as against the same brands at different locations.

There are many unbranded stores as well, selling similar clothing lines.

6. Indian artifacts, toys, and other gift Items:

If you are looking for some unique gifts for your loved ones abroad or if you are looking for a remote control car for a toddlers birthday party, you will find them all here.

Few stores here offers you a wide range of Indian artifacts as souvenirs at a very affordable price. Safina Plaza also has some dedicate stores for this.

7. Resturants and fast food joints: 

“Shop till you drop”, after following this phrase till the last letter, you will definitely have to refuel your energy. You are literally spoilt for choices while you are still on the commercial street.

A quick glass of cold badam milk at Anand Sweets will evoke your taste buds. If you are a fast food fan visit Sagar chats on Ibrahim street for some delicious chats. Sev puri is my personal favorite here. Brownie sizzlers at Shivsagar is a must try. Konark is well known for north Indian dishes. Woody’s has a wide menu to pick from.

Things to remember:

  1. Commercial street allows one-way traffic, you can enter only from Kamaraj road.
  2. If you are coming by car, there is parking on this street, you will get it only if it’s your lucky day. So the other option would be to find a parking spot opposite to Safina plaza or at the basement of Westside store. Yet again this can be very challenging over weekends. So plan accordingly.
  3. Other options to reach here is by Namma Metro, MG road is the closest station. There is a pre-paid auto stand to help you get an auto to reach your destination. It typically cost around 25-30 INR and not more. It’s about a 1.5kms if you wish to walk.
  4. Bargaining is allowed in most of the non-branded stores, just that try it with a smile 🙂
  5. Streets are generally crowded over the weekends, be patient if you intend to shop for some exclusive stuff.

Here is a small video to give to a quick insight of Commercial Street.

Would love to hear your comments, feel free to drop one 🙂

Happy Shopping 🙂




6 thoughts on “Commercial street, Bengaluru-The Ultimate Shopping Destination

  1. Manaasa, I have visited Bengaluru a couple of times, really in awe of the city. This is quite an exhaustive article about commercial Street. Will visit it and have a taste of it whenever I visit the city next.

  2. Thanks for writing a very comprehensive post on Commercial Sreet shopping. Love that city and the shopping there. Your pics are lovely too. 😊

  3. I’m so nostalgic to read this post. I stayed in Bangalore for 3years, and commercial Street indeed was the best shopping spot. My one stop shop was Mysore silk Udyog right at the entrance of the street. High quality stuff, but pricy but lot of variety.

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